ONE Record

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Be a part of the air cargo digital revolution!

Screenshot 2021 07 15 at 14.39.59ONE Record is a universal standard for data sharing throughout all elements of the air cargo supply chain, which aims to create a single record view of the shipment that is then securely shared with all relevant parties. Subject to access rights granted, parties can then update and amend this record. The result is transparency, reduced work, and improved accuracy through the elimination of repeat-keying of data.


The standard has been driven by IATA, and is based on mature but progressive data sharing technologies that are aligned with those already used by leading airlines. It is now directly accessible to IT teams and service providers.

ONE Record delivers the following major benefits to our industry:

  • Data quality and control: Data is shared by a data owner who has full control of initial data quality. Data remains at the source and the owner determines who may or may not access and/or edit it.
  • Visibility and transparency: ONE Record aims to cover the end-to-end transportation chain, from the shipper to the consignee. Each party is able to share all (or selected parts of) the shipment data with selected parties, ensuring enhanced visibility and transparency.
  • Accuracy: the elimination of repetitive data entry will eradicate human error and improve data integrity.
  • Efficiency: ONE Record eliminates needless re-keying of data between systems, so will speed up processing and improve productivity.
  • Eco-friendly: ONE Record heralds a paper-free air cargo environment that is in tune with our moves to create a sustainable industry.
  • Plug & Play connectivity: ONE Record facilitates direct connectivity between all industry stakeholders through the use of web API. With little adaptation of existing systems, it is ready to go.
  • Future of digital cargo: ONE Record creates the foundation for true digital air cargo where airlines, their customers and service partners will be able to develop further collaborative and automated digital services.
  • Welcome a new generation: ONE Record provides a technology platform that is suited to the new generation of digital natives who will lead the logistics and transport industry of the future.

CCS-UK has now created a ONE Record environment for all users in the United Kingdom, which has already been successfully tested in the Heathrow community. This features advanced Track and Trace capabilities that Freight Forwarders can easily adopt to enhance their service offerings. 

The server automatically translates Cargo IMP AWB formats into ONE Record objects and can report back in Cargo IMP formats. It can also set up connections between partners using the data formats they can consume. Besides the convenience this brings to current day implementations of cargo management, it ensures that you are ready for the digital cargo revolution. You will also be able to access detailed Track and Trace capabilities, which include analytical dashboards, Load and Offload triggers, and detailed status history of all tracked Air Waybills. IoT data for climate-sensitive shipments such as perishables and pharmaceuticals are embedded and you can integrate devices to shipments right within the product to receive overlay tracking data which wasn’t possible before. 

In addition to the features above, the CCS-UK ONE Record environment (paid subscriptions), provides a full-featured server with API and security. The API conforms to IATA specifications and can be used for integrations with your back-end systems such as Cargo, Warehouse and Ground Transportation. This eliminates re-keying data between different systems, removes bottlenecks and keeps cargo flowing. 

All CCS-UK users can now sign up for a Free 30-day trial which includes access to all advanced features, to test within their own working environments. After the free trial, users can continue using the advanced features for a very low monthly subscription.

Be a part of the air cargo digital revolution, and strengthen your business to meet the challenges of the future. Take the first step to joining the CCS-UK ONE Record community by clicking on the link:  

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