CCS-UK system


The CCS-UK system enables any freight forwarder, handling agent, haulier, airline, exporter or importer to connect to HM Customs’ CHIEF computer, and its replacement, CDS. To use CCS-UK, you simply need a current CCS-UK agreement, and compatible software to handle your Customs entries.

CCS-UK comprises two major elements:

  • a central “switch” which digitally connects around 900 individual users to HMRC, and enables Customs entries and clearances, and other data “messages”, to be exchanged between parties.
  • A secure central database which holds data on all shipments entered into the system, making this information accessible to all relevant parties.

The CCS-UK community is an “intelligent” network, using distributed data processing through local computers which communicate with each other using a variety of Customs and forwarding software.

The central CCS-UK database is stored on high-security servers in a “bomb-proof” location, with remote back-ups running constantly and being stored in the DR system, to ensure all data is kept safe from cyber attacks and any potential disaster. CCS-UK enjoys consistently very high system availability of 99.98%.

If you regularly send goods abroad, or import goods, and need to submit and receive Customs documentation, membership of CCS-UK enables you do this direct, rather than through a Customs Broker.

CCS-UK operates a simple charging system:

For Imports: an annual badge fee per location (discounts for 2 or more), plus a small charge per transaction (high volume discounts apply)

For Exports: an annual badge fee per location (discounts for 2 or more)

For Messaging: a charge per message (e.g. e-AWB, FSU, FFM) – waived for companies participating in CCS-UK programme to improve message accuracy/completeness

For further details of CCS-UK membership terms, please contact us.