CCS-UK system

The CCS-UK system enables any Freight Forwarder, Handling Agent, Haulier, Airline, Exporter or Importer to connect to HM Customs’ CHIEF computer, and its replacement, CDS. To use CCS-UK, you simply need a current CCS-UK agreement, and compatible HMRC accredited software to handle your Customs entries. We have various badge types including imports and exports and depending on whether you are operating temporary storage facilities, DEPs or operating as an agent.

CCS-UK comprises two major elements:

  1. A central “switch” which digitally connects over 900 individual users to HMRC, and enables Customs entries and clearances, and other data “messages”, to be exchanged between parties.
  2. A secure central database which holds data on all shipments entered into the system, making this information accessible to all relevant parties.

The CCS-UK community is an “intelligent” network, using distributed data processing through local computers which communicate with each other using a variety of Customs and forwarding software.

The central CCS-UK database is stored on high-security servers in a “bomb-proof” location, with remote back-ups running constantly and being stored in the DR system, to ensure all data is kept safe from cyber-attacks and any potential disaster.
CCS-UK enjoys consistently very high system availability of 99.98%.

If you regularly send goods abroad, or import goods, and need to submit and receive Customs documentation, a membership with CCS-UK enables you do this directly, rather than through a Customs Broker.

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