(Advance Information System)


AIS (Advance Information System) is a web portal that is transforming the process of delivering and collecting air cargo at London Heathrow Airport and is gaining substantial traction within the industry. It is also being extended to other UK airports.

Using AIS to preannounce your deliveries and collections brings numerous benefits, including improved efficiency, time savings, enhanced security, reduced congestion and better visibility and tracking capabilities.

  • It enables freight agents, and transport companies working on their behalf, to pre-advise handling agents of loads being delivered and picked up (down to House AWB level), as well as submit Electronic Consignment Security Declarations (e-CSD).

  • Pre-announce your Truck Movement with all the necessary information such as driver details, driver ID, vehicle registration and Air Waybill etc and receive priority service at most sheds using AIS.

  • Receive Vehicle Status Updates of your collection/delivery direct to the web portal, thus eliminating the need to phone and email the handler to get updates. AIS also has a reporting function which includes Status Update Reports for all individual truck movements.

  • Receiving this information electronically in advance means handlers can pre-populate their systems with the shipment information, so reducing paperwork and delays on arrival of the truck and eradicating re-keying errors.

  • Data to be captured on the system can be done so via the web portal or by electronic transmission from the users own system.

  • Using AIS, freight forwarders and their transport providers are trialling the ability to pre-book timed vehicle slots at handling facilities. This means that the truck should be serviced within that slot time thus reducing waiting times for the truck. AIS is in active use today and is helping to streamline collections and deliveries for a growing number of forwarders, airfreight hauliers and handling agents.

  • Electronic delivery and collection notes will be trialled later in the year with the objective improving security and removing paper. We are working closely with Bifa, Transit Shed Operators and Transport Providers to ensure a seamless and successful implementation of this enhancement to AIS.

New Feature – ‘Agent Watch’

Our latest feature has been designed specifically for Agent users who are not physically collecting or delivering goods to the Transit Shed Operators, but still desire visibility of their movement. With Agent Watch, users can stay informed about the movement by simply having the transport provider input their Air Waybill into the system, notifying the Agent and the Agent user will receive the visibility of those status updates ensuring they are kept up to date every step of the way. If you are an Agent and would like to have access to this functionality, please contact Claudia Carley.

Some of the many Benefits of using AIS and AIS RoRo:

  • A number of the handling agents offer a priority handling service to those freight forwarders and transport companies who pre-announce using AIS.

  • electronically interfaces to dnata, ASC cargo handling systems and also interfaces electronically to the WFS and Swissport kiosks which have or are being deployed at the receptions of their facilities. For Kiosk use, a pin is sent directly to the drivers mobile number which will need to be entered upon arrival at the kiosk, the pin is linked with the pre-announcement and if all data has been entered, priority service can be given.

  • supports the HAL proposals for using slots for handling trucks at the airport facilities and trials of this are underway providing significant reductions to waiting times for trucks.

  • the platform upon which many logistic improvements will be made in the delivery and collection of air cargo, including making the delivery and collection process paperless. Trials will be underway later in the year.

  • Data can be reused for many purposes once captured.

  • customers say the interface to GVMS provides many benefits, including visibility of all times of transactions and events on GVMS.

  • Data can be downloaded electronically.

  • Interfaces to the EU, UK and NI ICS and Safety and Security systems.

To gain access to AIS, please contact Claudia Carley (via email: who will be able to set you up on AIS, arrange a Demo and discuss the nominal charges.

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