CCS-UK Support

The CCS-UK Product and Service Desk Teams can be contacted on: Or 0845 607 0096

The CCS-UK support staff can help you with: • CCS-UK faults • CCS-UK Products and Services • Processes at CCS-UK inventory-linked locations

When contacting the CCS-UK Helpdesk, please provide the following details:

  •  Your name and contact details
  •  The CCS-UK badge related to your query
  •  Any previous ticket reference related to this query

If it's a new request or query, this will be logged and assigned a ticket reference which will be communicated back to you. Please quote this whenever you are contacting the Helpdesk with relation to this query.

Please note for major incidents, when call volumes are higher than normal, a voice recording will inform you of which area is at fault or being investigated. The out of office email response will be constantly updated regarding progress of the incident until resolution.

For billing queries please email the CCS Billing Team at directly.

Please be aware that the CCS-UK Helpdesk email is not proactively monitored outside normal UK business hours therefore if you have an urgent issue outside Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (and bank holidays) please call us on 0845 607 0096 and our on-call analyst will be alerted and will respond.

For urgent issues (in office hours), if the word “Escalation” is added to the start of subject field then this email will also be copied to CCS-UK Senior Management Team for visibility.

(Incorrect/overuse of this process is monitored)

Regarding CDS Migration: Please contact your software supplier in the first instance and then they will reach out to CCS-UK to deliver the actions needed for you. Please do not approach the CCS Helpdesk directly. UK Customs Advice: Please note that CCS personnel are not able to provide any Customs advice or guidance. Please refer to HMRC or

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Any questions?

For CCS-UK Product and Service enquiries
(including AIS & AIS RoRo), please contact:

Claudia Carley

Product and Customs Professional

Cargo Community Systems & CCS-UK

Tel: +44 331 623 0555


BT CCS-UK Helpdesk Team:

Tel: 0845 6070096


Where urgent faults need to be
escalated this can be done through

Darren Humphries

Head of Service

Cargo Community Systems


CCS-UK User Group:

Guy Thompson