CCS-UK User Group’s many projects and achievements to date include:

NES: defining how it would work; liaising with BT on development; system testing; defining how  software suppliers would interface with CCS-UK; devising a phased roll out plan which was accepted by HMRC; managing implementation across the air community including organising community testing

DR (Disaster Recovery) system for CCS-UK: working with BT on design and implementation, providing a low cost fall-back in the event of major outage on the live service; regular testing

Electronic fallback: devising and implementing online solution for CCS-UK/CHIEF/CDS system failure, enabling electronic import and export clearances under fallback; defining changes required by  software providers; organising regular community tests and live trials to maintain user knowledge and proficiency for emergencies

ICS: working with BT on design and development of system to report import shipments to eu and uk countries

Special handling codes: designing an enhancement enabling transit sheds to automatically send selected information to forwarders (e.g. large, e-freight, ICE), with airline codes converted into a form recognisable by them

AIS: Advance Information System (see Products)

Ro-Ro: (see Products)

FWB facilitation: working with software companies, forwarders and transit sheds to encourage greater uptake, and achieve improved quality of transmissions

SADH: assisting with design and implementation

ECS: assisting with design and implementation